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 Dragon Age: Fanfiction

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PostSubject: Dragon Age: Fanfiction   Thu Nov 26, 2009 6:00 am

I didn't feel this belonged in fanfiction since it's not Meddus based. Right now i'm completly obsessed with the Dragon Age game, as you'll probably see from the fanfiction i have a favourate character and the love interest of my character.

Nerissa sat quietly while the other spoke to each other, or ate, her auburn hair hung loosely around her face, the breeze gently moving it, in the light of the open fire her hair seemed to be set a blaze. She held her staff, cleaning the blood of the last battle off it; her body ached and throbbed in pain. The magical elf had only recently started heading into the front lines, as a mage she had always held back and protected her friends from afar, but after a recent trip to some ruins she was granted the power of an Arcane Warrior. She sighed and leaned back looking up to the stars, Maker guide her, it was moving so fast, only weeks ago she was a circle mage apprentice preparing for her Harrowing. Some how she ended up sucked into a war, although she probably would have eventually would have been anyway.

Something brushed her neck and she felt warmth against her back that pulled her from her thoughts. “I do hope your not thinking about me with that look on your face.” She chuckled as two large arms wrapped around her sides encasing her in a tender embrace.
“Not at all, I was thinking about my fellow mages, and what would have happened if the Maker hadn’t guided my hand to be a foolish young mage.” She leant back against the firm body and looked up, oh how she wondered what would have happened if the Maker hadn’t guided her to Alistair. When she first met him she had found him foolish, immature and childish. But he had come to grow on her like a rash.

He kissed her forehead. “Well you’d probably we in some stuffy library in the circle reading through an old boring book, instead of spending you time slaying beasties with me.” His face saddened for a moment. “You know, you probably saved my life...” He ran his fingers along the tattoo on her face, brushing hair out of the way. “I thank the maker everyday that he pulled us together.” His embrace became a little tighter and he leant down to nuzzle her neck.

“Aww, young bloody love. You should consider yourself lucky Alistair; I imagine she’d be the only one to have you.” Nerissa glanced at the dark haired lady sat across from them; she scoffed and took a bite of some bread. Morrigan was not one for being soft, and she seemed to live to wind up the templar, considering Alistair had been trained to hunt apostates, illegal mages, Morrigan showed no fear of him.
“Aye, your right...” He replied, Nerissa started giggling. He perked a brow as she leant up to rub her ear, he had been talking right next to it, he ears where very sensitive and just a whisper near them would tickle her lobes. He grinned and nibbled at it for a second until the elven lady squirmed out of his grasp. “Ahah! Fine mage I have found your weakness!” He grabbed her as she tried to crawl away and pulled her back onto his lap.

“N-nooo! Don’t I’m very ticklish!” He grinned tickling her sides through her tunic, this would be his first mistake, within seconds of him tickling her she had twisted into a position that resulted with her foot planted in his face. Morrigan burst into hysterics, soon her laughter spread through the camp site causing everyone else to laugh, save Sten; he rarely saw the funny side of anything. Shale even chuckled as the elven girl knelt over her lover and repeated sorry multiple times. Her ears perked and she looked at shale. “Did you just laugh?”

“I guess I did, was it not funny?” Nerissa chuckled at the golem, they had only recently found him, he was still exploring his free will, emotions were something of an alien thing to him, well except his hate for birds, that one he was good at.

“I’m glad you found it funny, I doubt a golem can have it’s face squashed.” Alistair sat up and rubbed his cheek. Nerissa kissed the red spot and chuckled.

“You’re actually very lucky, the last person that tickled me got turned into frog.” Alistair stared at her for a second and laughed nervously. “I’m not joking..” She said and he shuffled away a little and she laughed. “That was when I first manifested my powers, back in the brother returned back to normal after a few days, although he was still croaking in his sleep when I was taken away.” She smiled and hugged Alistair, he winced. “Did I hit you somewhere else?” She said worrying perhaps she had kicked him with her other foot.

“Twas not you my dear, I tickled an Ogre with my sword, he had much the same reaction as you.” He rubbed his side and gave her a lop sides smile. That didn’t stop her roughly pulling up his tunic to look at his chest, his side was purple, blue and all the colours of a nasty bruise. She pressed her fingers against his rib. He yelped. “That hurts ya know!”

“Don’t be such a baby.” Morrigan said getting to her feet, through the bone from her piece of meet to the Mobari hound, Conan.

“I think you’ve broken your ribs.” Nerissa said run her fingers gently over the bruise. She let go of the tunic but left her hand against his skin, her fingers running over the scars, old and new. She had gained a few wounds that would scar, but not as many as him. The others started retiring to their tents. But the two of them remained by the fire. “I worry for you sometimes. I couldn’t bare loosing you.” Her eyes saddened almost watered.

Alistair held her chin, running his thumb across her cheek, before leaning in the kiss her lips tenderly. “I’m more worried about you, you’re the only light in this darkness. Even when I sleep your there to push away the Darkspawn and blight.” She lay her head against his shoulder.
She had yet to get over the nightmares, to learn to control them, but they were easier to handle when she would wake next to him, knowing he was there would often push away the fears of the blight. She feared alot, her whole life had been spent in a tower like prison, learning magic to protect others, to strike down enemies. But when your in battle it’s so hard not to freeze. “I love you.” She said closing her eyes and yawned.

“Common we’d best get our sleep.” He said getting to his feet and helping her up as they retired to their tent to sharing in visions of the arch demon and the battles to come.
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PostSubject: Part 2- Destiny   Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:45 am

Chapter 2 of the prologue, some parts may seem kinda missing, since generally speaking it's aimed towards players of the game. Alistair is the bastard son of a dead king, his brother King Cailen died along with Duncan leader of the grey wardens at thebegining of the game.

Alistair opened his eyes slowly and yawned, he smiled rolling onto his side to embrace Nerissa, only her bed roll was empty and cold, he looked about the tent and saw her armor still remained, he relaxed a little then knowing she couldn't have gone far with it. He ran his fingers through his hair a moment. How he never imagined that a mage would steal his heart, let alone and Elvin one. He quickly pulled his loose comfortable clothes on and stepped out into the bright light of the morning and sighed happily. Wynne and Lalenia sat next to each other in front of the fire, it's embers still red and smoking. He looked around the camp and saw that everyone was there except his love and fellow warden and the Mobari hound.

"She went into the forest. She said she had much to think about and the camp was too noisy to think." Lalenia smiled as she spoke to Alistair. The red headed Orlesian sat cross legged stringing bows and fletching arrows for herself and some of the Dalish elves that traveled with them. Her words baffled him, since theres was silence in the camp, most were still sleeping, he sat down and yawned again stretching, he winced, hissing in pain as he gripped his side.

"Now that reminds me." Wynne smiled taking a small vial of salve from her bag of tricks, the healer moving closer to Alistair and lifted his tunic before beginning to rub the salve into Alistair's side.

"By the maker that smells like Mobari piss." Alistair groaned and tilted his head to look at Wynne. "Did she say anything else, it's not like her to go without her armour. It worries me."

Wynne spoke without looking up at him. "She has alot on her mind. You understand you can't become king and marry her..."

Alistair snorted. "If I become king surely I can do what I want, marry who I want."

Wynne sat back, the silver hair mage frowned. "A king that does anything he wants is not a king. You have to do what's right for the kingdom, Elves are not looked upon as equals by many, maybe if that were all you'd be able to marry, but she's also a mage. Their hated by a great deal and I doubt the Templars would be happy with a mage on the throne."

Alistair looked dismayed at this and sighed. "Then they have to find someone else to sit on the throne, I never asked for it, I can't make the choice of the people over her. I will slay the arch demon, I will fight the blight, but no one can ask me to forget what my heart tells me."

Mean while...

Nerissa knelt in the woods, listening to the sound of the nearby stream, contemplating her own future. She lay her staff out in front of her, running her fingers over the knots in the wood. From beneath her tuning she tool a white piece of silk and un wrapped in, inside was a dried wild rose, it's petals the colour of fresh blood, she lay it next to the staff. "Love or duty." She said to herself, Conan grizzled and licked her hand, she smiled at him. "I need to choose, my heart tells me to let Feraldin burn to stay with him, but I know I couldn't do that. But if I choose the road of duty me and him, it can never be." She looked at them both. "Maker guide me, I do not what to do. His smell is intoxicating, his voice entrancing. I can't make this choice on my own."

She took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, she had never been truely religious, but Lalenia must have rubbed off on her and she found herself praying. Soon she felt silent in her own trance, deep within her mind and heart she looked for the answers she needed, begged for a sign. She didn't here the foot steps, the barking of her hound. Her mind began to awaken again at the sound of her name being shouted.

She blinked and swivelled to look for the voice. Suddenly she felt pain in her chest, she screamed in pain clutching the arrow that had pierced through her beck and right breast. She looked down, already her white tunic had turned red with blood. She grabbed her staff and spun on her knees. Alistar was fighting a Hurlock that stood taller then him, it's sword coming down hard on the Templars shield. She saw the Genlock that had shot her loading up another arrow and aiming it at her, she shot a blast of ice at it, knocking it over, her hound jumped at it tearing it's throat. Alistair finished the Hurlock off, he had not realised she had been shot , as soon as he saw the blood and the wound he ran to her dropping his sword and shield.

"N-Nerissa, are you okay?"

"Nothing but a flesh wound." She chuckled briefly before coughing, blood appearing at the corners of her lips. She pulled herself to her feet using her staff, within seconds of standing the world began to spin and her body burn. "P-poison.." She gasped collapsing on the ground.

Alistair burst into the clearing in which group had setup camp. "Wynne, help us!" He shouted nearly tripping as he ran towards the healer while he carried the Elvin girl, he dropped to his knees and held her tightly to his chest his eyes had begun to water. Wynne was already at his side, she told him to place his hand on the wound firmly as inspected the wound.

"What happened?" She asked him as she grasped the arrow and pulled the arrow firmly and quickly, there was a sickening sound as the remainder of the shaft passed through flesh, muscle and bone. Alistair looked away for a moment, he was glad she was not awake for that.

"I think...I think she was praying. I was just going to sit with her, but we were ambushed by Darkspawn..." He swallowed the lump in her throat as he stared down at her pale face, her lips already tinted blue, if it wasn't for the fact he could feel her heart beat, or her chest rising slowly, he may have thought her already dead. "She mentioned poison."

Wynne nodded moving his hands from the wound and placing herbs she had been rolling in her palms on the wound. "I'm not sure what poison has been used, she was our poison expert. But I think the wound isn't fatal, I can heal it to and extent..."

"But.." Alistair looked up from Nerissa to Wynne, he had become aware that others in the camp had circled them, they all looked worried, even those that seemed to dislike the Elvin mage.

"But without know the poison there's nothing I can do for it, she'll have to ride it out." Wynne frowned, and although she didn't show it she was greatly saddened by this, she had watched this girl grow up, taught her the ways of a mage. She had come to think of her as a daughter, she brushed hair from her face before getting to her feet and getting a blanket, placing it over the young girl.

Alistair took his lovers hand and held it tight. "Don't you dare die, do you hear me." He placed her fingers against his lips, his tears mixing with the blood on both their hands. He hadn't noticed it til then, he began wiping his hands frantically on the loin cloth on his armour.

It was Lalenia that fetched the bowl of water so his could wash the blood away, she sat next to Nerissa and opposite Alistair. "she is stronger than anyone knows, she has survived so much already, Darkspawn, magic, dragon kin, werewolves.." She sighed for a second before beginning to sing, it was a song Alistair did not recognise nor understand, but it was comforting to him.
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Dragon Age: Fanfiction
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