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 Spider Dynasty: Threads of Fate (mainly arachnid characters rp )

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PostSubject: Spider Dynasty: Threads of Fate (mainly arachnid characters rp )   Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:17 pm

Not all spiders are bad but there is still the fair share of them. But there is a place located underground below the Golden Valley and between the joy fields. These were merely a series of tunnels and huge caverns that the spiders have taken refuge in to avoid outsider conflicts and to live out their lives as what they are, and not to be barred depending on the laws of each land they generally 'live' in. These caverns have one major 'city' but its run by a series of ranking arachnids, one having more power then the next to keep even some semblance of order among the spiders themselves to avoid chaos down below. Over years it had become its own 'infamous' Dynasty dedicated to the arachnid ways.

Spiders that have gone and broken the laws and tried causing issues have been banished and or imprisoned for a set time of course but the punishments are generally harsh and not many make it out alive, so most laws are followed to avoid such nightmarish punishments. Somehow even the arachnids, the thing of nightmares to other bugs, have reached their own level of peace and prosperity with out the cruel disdain from others that fear spiders .

Sitting up on a perch beside the glowing little crystals that vein their way through the grounds which give this underground city life, a black widow remains quiet. Looking over the bustling...mid-evil looking city. Things were too quiet for someone like here, there was no challanges as of late for anyone's rank and power. There was no other person in her life to keep her busy...she was bored. Though right now her main home was going through it's winter and she'd rather not experience the cold weather again. Sighing to herself before using her red web and swinging over to a balcony piece to one of the towers that juts its way out from the rocky/ dirt walls of the caverns. It belonged to a large library that not many used at this point. Walking along its long dark hallways barley illuminated by the torches that decorated the walls.

" life really going to be this boring.." she asked herself out loud as she continued to walk along quietly.

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PostSubject: Re: Spider Dynasty: Threads of Fate (mainly arachnid characters rp )   Wed Jan 20, 2010 8:07 am

(Please edit your post. The size of your "city" conflicts with ALL maps. I will allow it placed under one area of a single continent that has tunnels that lead into "Underworld" which is the entire underground map. But please confer with me as to where this city is placed so that I can tell you if there is a conflict with a Hive or Nest.)
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Spider Dynasty: Threads of Fate (mainly arachnid characters rp )
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