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 Divergant Coarse

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Mirror World?
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PostSubject: Divergant Coarse   Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:41 pm

Through the looking glass there are infinite possibilities.

As you know all of my characters can be counted as NPCs and can be used by anyone as long as you try not to make them do anything too OOC or something that may make huge Plot incompatibilities. (Unless we are talkin total CRACK because we can shiz)
So I am debating on making a mirror Meddus.
This one will stay on coarse with my plotted storyline of Thorn being evil with Loment and Thorn chasing Humina fitting into the over all world plots and storylines.

However, from what I have gotten from fans comments off of a few crack pics... I'm thinking of making a split universe. Where Loment never manages to get Thorn back from the Kingdom of Ent. And Thorn then becomes King Vaas's consort. This Thorn will develop differently. Humina is not a love interest here and is more like a little brother or child to Thorn. With Thorn being a Protagonist instead of an Antagonist. That can make some pretty big difference in World Plots over all.

These Worlds will have intersecting World plots up to a point and then diverge into separate paths. Then the world plots would begin to differ.
Because I DO love my Meddus and wish to continue it to the point we have our own website and world plots and images and things like that. I would love to get atleast some of these things together before I put to much thought into doing a Comic series with both Meddus and Mirror World.
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PostSubject: Hummm...   Mon Oct 11, 2010 3:33 pm

A mirror world (Lol Shattered Glass) would be interesting to see play out. Although I hope it won't be too much for you. I think I'll wait to vote until for a bit. X3
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Divergant Coarse
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