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Meddus. The creation of the Mother herself. Welcome to our world.
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 Divine Immortality

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PostSubject: Divine Immortality   Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:36 am

Shadow Gods -

Thanatos, most commonly named The Death Bringer, he is a vengeful god who wishes harm upon species other than his own. He favors Dromos, some Arachin and Acari both. Other races believe in him, but they usually don't live long. The Red Death is one of the many children of Mother Meddus, the originator of the world...He was born of her shadow, and she cast him from her breast. She locked him in the center of the world she'd made, hoping it would prove a strong enough prison. Life abounded for several years while the shadow festered and swelled. A single dromos, perhaps one of the ancestors of those today, happened upon the shadow in the earth...The little creature willingly gave the shadow a form, and thus Thanatos was shaped. Revenge fully in his mind, he dug his way through the earth and to the surface of Thule. Some say that is how his first worshipers found him; by witnessing the creation of the Bloody Ravine on the continent. Later when Thule split, the ravine was lost, and none have found it. Rumors say this is one of the few mortal entrances into the shadow realm, created from Thanatos' very attempt to escape and slaughter the being that cast him out. Mother Meddus, lost to fright and sympathy, tried to use her powers to instill peace and serenity deep in Thanatos' heart...But this did not work as well as she had planned. Thanatos did gain peace, but he holds a great, but passive hatred towards most races. He also gained serenity, in the form of respect and devotion to the creature that had so willingly gave him form. He swore on his blood that he would never harm another Dromos, Arachin, or Acari, as they all seemed to be related. With a scream of anguish that sounded like raging wind, he retreated with a malice so deep that the Mother's white and gold eyes crossed from fainting. This anomaly later became known as a solar, or lunar eclipse. Myth says that these eclipses happen whenever Thanatos emerges from the shadow realm once more in an attempt to kill his Mother. Of course, he cannot reach her, but she becomes frightened nonetheless.

Blood Tribe Gods - Fanows Rana Qen

Protector of Nature', her supports are the sand, her walls the cliffs, her ceiling the trees, and her power the fertility of females and plants. She controls the seasons and the harvest.

'Protector of the Sun', protector of the rains, oceans, stars and planets, she is the solar system and the space that cradles Meddus and her moons.

Light Gods -

Drawing - Masturbation for the Artist
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Divine Immortality
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