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 Types and Subspecies

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PostSubject: Types and Subspecies   Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:48 pm

Hyme body types, subspecies, and locations of hives, along with racial information.
Race based on Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

NOTICE: The Creation of your own hive is RESTRICTED! You must have MY permission to create a hive.
So please consult with the Queen before creating your own hive type. So as not to place your hive in another's territory or incase your Subrace is too far away from Meddus guidelines.

New bloods all look humanoid. And since they are of a Hive/Nest race they should all resemble those from which they came from but no exact copies. Ex: how Honeydew and Humina look similar but not exact.

Old Bloods about the same. However, if you make a LARGE sized old blood. A creature that big would have limitations. So your Old Blood Hyme must either not be able to fly too far off the ground (Above 20 feet) or cannot fly for long or too far.
So far. Morrigan and the Emperor are the only APPROVED Old Bloods.

More info as I am able to add it.

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PostSubject: Children of the Light   Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:49 pm

The different looks of Hymes.
Your Hyme should be similar to one of these.
(coming soon)

Royal Hymes are RESTRICTED! You must have my permission to create one. Aka I wanna see a profile or picture first before I allow it.
So that means King Vaas' body type is restricted. Why? Because he is the KING of his hive. He has to have something that sets him apart from the drones. The drones are simple basic Ent Hyme bodies everyone in the hive is generally similar, Soldiers have the same over all look but are either tall and lanky or short and robust, nobles have the fur collar, and king Vaas is covered in fur. Thus setting him apart. I'm not saying you can't have the tail or the furry arms and legs... just that they can only be from below the elbow and below the knees. Also King Vaas' neck fur is thicker than what others can have. Aka not that low on the back and chest. You can have as much fluff as Honeydew. this is to keep a visible difference of the classes. And the Ent hive should all be similar species with few outsider Hymes and other races. And even though the Hive is all generally similar... just like Zebra they may look similar... but no one looks exactly alike. So please do not make EXACT copies of other's hymes. Not all of them will have the same stripes, or the same color pattern.
Ent Hymes colors are yellow, pale yellow, black, brown, reddish brown, and rarely even a sort of gold/bronze with solid straight lined stripes. And all have the similar upword pointing 'horns'

For Darkwood only the King and Queen Dark Hymes have the long horn on their nasal plates. And just as some characteristics are restricted... some are a MUST have. The Darkwood Hymes must all look similar overall style to those already around aka Thorn, Felsnag, etc... so spikey looking with horns is a must. All Dark hymes have a naturally accuring skull pattern on their back.They have no other races in their hive there fore the only Hymes in Darkwood are Dark Hymes. ALL Dark Hymes have a gold and black color pattern with choppy stripes. May allow some white in these. However, horn style is free range.

For the Zeph kingdom royalty is signified by a ruff of white, silver, or golden fur around the neck. Especially in the Zeph kingdom, sexual dimorphism is present. The queen is the base of females (coming soon), bearing flexible (usually curled) antennae, a second abdomen (though in fighting or worker females this is not present.) for which to lay eggs, large extravagant wings that are larger than a male's, five fingers, and hair. Likewise, the King is the base for most males, bearing horns that are in two to three sections ( see Nescire for reference), three fingers, large wings, and an abnormal amount of armor on the chest. A unique feature of the King is that he has cheek spikes as well as the horns. All jewel hymes must be gold, green, pastel yellow, pastel blue, or cotton-candy pink.

Another is the Abandos Hives. This CAN have mixed races and Hymes as the Tarantula Hawks are not originally a hive mind so take converts and slaves.
All Abandos hive members Hyme or not need to have one of the 'All seeing Eye" marks somewhere on their body and visible. The more loyal the more marks usually. Aka the Tarantula Hawk called Samael has several on his arms, legs, back, and stomach. Also all Tarantula hawks are shades of blue with red and/or orange wings and accents.

Light: Kingdom of Ent
=The Kingdom of Ent hive has many shapes and sizes. Tall and well muscled soldiers, tall slender scouts, small round guards, small slender drones, and athletic nobles. Though the number and placement of plating may differ, all have the similar upward pointing short 'horn' like antenna. Some may spiral slightly. Most flesh ranges from pale yellow to a vibrant gold. Their stripes are solid and thick. Ranging from black, tan, brown, to reddish brown with yellow dividers. The thicker plates on the helm, forearms, and legs are usually one color with occasional accents. Most are only two toned. But some have three colors, usually the yellow skin with two different colored stripes. The plates of armor are easily recognizable from their flesh. Those with the fur collar range black, brown, gray, and white. Royal Ents look like nobles, except for the King and Queen. The king is covered in far more fur around the collar and other parts of the body. The queen also has a thicker collar and longer 'horns' that slightly spiral. This is caused by hormones given off by the the other royal.
Ent hymes are usually docile and kind. But will defend themselves and others if necessary. Though are friendly and open. They prefer to live within large cities verses small villages. They don't much care to be alone. Liking to be among others, whether of their own kind or not. The drones, due to breeding, are genetically more docile and subservient. Those they deem their superiors they will follow without question. Soldier classes are slightly more aggressive and protective than other classes. The noble class is the most intelligent. All the classes together form the hive in complete harmony to one another. Each class is born as that class.

Dark: Darkwood Kindom
=Dark hymes are rather uniform. Only differentiating in shapes. All are Golden Yellow and Black with jagged striped markings. Usually thick on the body with tigers striped arms and legs. Their bodies are far more heavily armored... but their plates are harder to differentiate from their flesh. They have no fur. Their over all look is spikey and sharp. All Darkwood hymes have a humanoid skull marking on their back. Status is purely in title only to identify those of each caste. Soldier, worker, breeders. The royals are the only ones with an obvious difference. The horn on their nasal plate is long. It grows that way due to hormones given off by another royal. Besides the royal bloodline (which is mostly false due to constant seizing of the throne), each dark hyme is designated its place in the hive around an 5-6 years of age. Earlier if any show a particular skill that would be best cultivated for the hive's interests. All Darkwood's are genetically predisposed to be violent, and aggressive. But will be submissive to more dominant dark hymes. Only thing holding the hive together rather than falling apart is most Dark Hymes have a strong sense of honor. Ingrained in them since birth. This added into the animalistic instinct of dominance and submission allows the hive to be a sort of controlled chaos. But since the Darkwood Hymes are genetically more like the Hyme race's Ancient roots. They have more instinctual based needs. Which can be pushed through both their more intelligent minds and their programming. Anger is one of these that can consume them. Causing them to be violent and aggressive. At the peak of this aggression is called Blood Rage. Most blackout and don't remember their actions. Most Dark hymes are Xenophobic or feel other races are beneath them or are a lower races and should be owned.

Jewel: Kindom of Zeph. See Rescen and Nescire

Hawk: Abandos Hive


Mountain: See Matthias.


Parasitic: See Blight, Scourge, or Arsine.


Old Blood: See Morrigan
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Types and Subspecies
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