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 House Keeping

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PostSubject: House Keeping   Tue Jan 04, 2011 7:32 am

Due to receiving a note that we had too many subforums. I have rearranged and cleaned out some of the areas.

All Land information is in the WORLD area.
As the lands don't change per world. Just the Players. So each universe will have a Heirarchy and NPC in each of the Facts section instead.

No more individual Discussion and Suggestion box for each Verse... so when wanting to discuss just on of the Worlds you must state that it is Dust or Meddus. Etc...

Just trying to stream line things my dears.
All rules in WORLD apply to the other Universes unless stated in a particular Universes' FACT section.
STONE is mostly exempt from the WORLD rules.
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House Keeping
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