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 A Bard's Memory

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PostSubject: A Bard's Memory   Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:57 am

Book of poems.
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Posts : 1041
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PostSubject: Fall of King Braxis   Mon Jan 24, 2011 11:58 am

Betrayed. Betrayed. By your lovely Queen
Oh the cruelty and malice she shows.. if only you had seen.
She lusts for Power.
So she now throws you from your tower.
Broken. Bleeding. Your heart does weep.
But in your soul you know soon you will forever sleep.

No escape through the air. For your wings have been torn asunder.
No escape below. For you hear the river crash like thunder.
Revenge. Revenge! You scream!
But in the dark... oh how your traitorous wife's eyes doth gleam.
She knows there is no one around to hear.
As she laughs at her soldier with the spear.
Goodbye my King. Wonderland awaits.
The Mother of all is waiting for you at heaven's gates.

Goodbye my King... your traitorous wife has taken your throne.
Fall deeper and deeper into a watery tomb of bone.
Your skin grows colder as the air in your lungs start to burn.
Your sight grows darker as the whirlpool starts to turn and turn.
Crack! The stone is struck.
If you had stronger bones you'd have had better luck.
Falling falling... into the rabbit hole.
Underworld is your new home. Never will you return to the kingdom she stole.

All are welcome in Wonderland.
So lift your face from the sand.
The pitch black is not so lonely. As there are others all around.
Hush hush... can you hear the sound?
Not just bones to keep you company. But flesh and blood.
Their warm hands lift you from the mud.
The natives... are they kind?
In the dark they aren't blind.
But awake and prove yourself early.
Or a slave you'll be surely.
If you are not already dead.
"Set... Set.. Petruka" Sleep... Sleep. Lost one. Time to rest your weary head.


What happened? What happened? The young one doth squeal.
The bard stands and turns on his heel.
This I shall not say.
For the tale it will give away.
Be patient. Be patient. Oh questioning child.
For the Bard shall weave his story for you so beguiled.
Does he live? Does he die?
No longer question his tale. No longer ask why.
Soon. Soon. My little sprite.
This story will end... another night.

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A Bard's Memory
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