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 Abandos Hawks

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PostSubject: Abandos Hawks   Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:07 pm


Mammon - Creator of the Hive of the Abandos Hawks. (deceased)
Baal - Co-creator of the Abandos Hawks. (deceased)

In honor of Baal's loyalty, Mammon bestowed the title of Ba'al and Ba'el to the Lords and Ladies of his Court.
All those of lower rank call those of higher rank Ba'al or Ba'el.

Lucifer - Deposed by Samael (deceased)
Lamia - Escaped (location unknown)

Mammon Samael - King of the Abandos Hawks.

Mammon's Generals:
Amon - Second in Command and Ba'al of the Abandos Legion and Armies.

Asmodai - Ba'el of the Economy. Oversees all import and exports to maintain Hive stability. Sometimes works in tandem with Belphegor as this includes Slaves.

Paimon - Ba'al of Law and Order. Enforces the laws, investigates disloyalty, and executes punishment.

Belphegor - Ba'al of the Populace. Controls the population number. Chooses who can breed and who cannot, and with whom. Decides when someone is too old or is too weak and needs to be put down. Both Hawks and Slaves.

Lilith - Ba'el of Social and Cultural Needs. Sees to the morale, health, and sustained loyalty of the hive. Is usually the one to instruct the others how to behave around other kingdoms. Sister to Lamia and Lucifer.

Lucifer - Ba'al of Mammon. Usually the one to arrange and execute Royal events. Controls the cult of the All Seeing Eye. Brother to Lamia and Lilith.

Jeremiah - Ba'al of Records and Knowledge. Chooses what the hive is allowed to know, who is allowed to know it, and whether or not those outside the hive should know. Also in charge of the curriculum to be used in schooling both Hawks and Slaves.

High Servants of the Ba'al and Ba'el
Abbadon - Serves Paimon.

Azazel - Serves Paimon.

Beezlebub - Serves Belphegor.

Boel - Serves Jeremiah.

Caim - Serves Paimon.

Malthus - Serves Amon.

Metatron - Serves Amon.

Naamah - Serves Lilith.

Onoskelis - Serves Belphegor.

Santana - Serves Lucifer. (is infact a Locun and not a Hawk. Much to the distain of the others)

Surgat - Serves Belphegor.

Tanin'iver - Serves Belphegor.

Vespar - Serves Asmodai.

Vine - Serves Lucifer.

Vual - Serves Lilith.

Xaphan - Serves Jeremiah.

Asmodeus - of Asmodai. (his sister)

Gabriel - of Amon

Gylou - of Beezlebub

Raphael - of Paimon

Arael (Twin of Ariel)

Ariel (Twin of Arael)






Notable Hawks
Abyzou - Egg Warden






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Abandos Hawks
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