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 jangloo's world

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PostSubject: jangloo's world   Wed Sep 23, 2009 5:00 pm

Name: Harp
Sex: Female
Age: 18
Race: Giant Leopard Moth
Home: Fellgrad- Tulli Forest
Appearance: (Picture not required but advised to have along with written description) Harp has a mostly white body with blue/black markings. Her face is a solid blue color, the same with her breasts, feet and spots. The front of her body along both sides of her torso are four black spots. Her wings have large hallow black spots mostly located at the bottom and sides, with solid blue spots with black outlines and small specks of white fur/hair.

Personality: energetic, hyper, and possibly a little naïve: very friendly, upbeat, perky and kind.
Likes: Cherries, sunflowers, sleeping under large trees
Dislikes: daylight
Extra! (Put what you want!)
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jangloo's world
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