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 Fellgrad Building Style map

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Fellgrad Building Style map Empty
PostSubject: Fellgrad Building Style map   Fellgrad Building Style map EmptyMon Oct 05, 2009 1:05 pm

This is just the cultural/archetecture map of Fellgrad. Its not set so if someone on my Mods or Designers teams has a different idea... let me know.

Blue = Inuit/norse
Lime Green = Dutch/Russian
Green = old west American/british
Dark Green = Swiss family Robinson style
Pink = Elvish (LOTR or WoW)
Magenta = Steampunk
Purple = Aztec
Lighter Brown = tribal (was supposed to be tan turned brown after save...)
Darker Brown = Huns
Red = Arabian/Egyptian
Yellow = African
Orange = American Indian
Light Blue = Greek
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Fellgrad Building Style map
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