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Name: Saria
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Race: Hyme (Honey Bee)
Home: Kingdom of Ent
Appearance: Picture With gold and dark brown skin/shell, Saria can be called the average look for a Hyme. Here eyes are the color of a violet. She's about 5 and a half feet tall. She normally wears wrap-around skirts and blouses that tie around her neck and below her wings. The majority of her clothing is bright colors that complement her skin and eyes. Around her waist she has several belts with pouches holding herbs, and the like for healing or food preparation.
Personality: Saria is a happy-go-lucky bee most of the time, but she does sometimes get depressed because she holds a lot of her emotions in. If cornered she will fight, or if people she likes are being threatened, but normally she is a very passive Hyme. She does not like a lot of attention, but always finds herself in situations where she get to much.
Likes: Honeydew (crush), Playing with Bris, exploring the Kingdom of Ent, keeping a low profile, Sunny days, reading, relaxing, rain
Dislikes: enclosed spaces, being the center of attention, fighting, loud noises and places.
Extra: Saria has a pet Baboon-dog named Bris. Bris is large for a baboon-dog, standing over 4 feet at his shoulder. His coat is a dark grey, nearly black, and his skin is a slightly lighter shade of grey. The flesh on either side of his muzzle is bright blue like baboons of earth. This is also the color of his eyes. If Saria is going exploring and expects to be gone for a few days, Bris has a special harness that lets him carry some packs.
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