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 My Beauty... My Queen...

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My Beauty... My Queen... Empty
PostSubject: My Beauty... My Queen...   My Beauty... My Queen... EmptySat Dec 18, 2010 12:03 pm

Thorn's rise to royalty...

No I didn't write this.... Yes I whored myself out to get it. Want to make something of it? D<

My Beauty... My Queen... New_beginning_by_peanutchan-d301tle

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PostSubject: Re: My Beauty... My Queen...   My Beauty... My Queen... EmptySat Dec 18, 2010 12:03 pm

Watching whistfully at the two young males outside. Thorn nearly jumped when his name was called.
He turned, looking at his new King. "Yes, sir?" He asked slowly, walking away from the window.
Only to be joined by the older male who also looked down into the courtyard.

"You fancy him, no?" Vaas whispered, watching as Humina tackled Honeydew playfully into a

Thorn's eyes halved and his mouth became blank as he continued to stare outside.
"Perhaps. He is quite young. I owe him my life, if he had not found me..."
The wasp looked to Vaas slowly, his expression rather unreadable. "Actually I anticipated
you to have me killed."

Vaas laughed lightly, placing a palm onto the young adult male's shoulder. "My dear Thorn.
We are not violent Wasps; we are bees. We do not murder senselessly." He ignored the newest
guard's stance, even though he was clearly insulted. Vaas knew that Thorn was smart enough
not to deffend his former people.

"Come with me." The king said suddenly, walking away from the large window and toward his
quarters. Frowning, the wasp followed, giving one last glance before leaving the opening
completely. Once inside the luxiurious room of King Vaas, Thorn leaned on a wall and watched
as the Beewolf carefully sat down at his desk.

They sat like this for a few long moments, before Vaas noticed that Thorn was just short
of staring at him. Standing, he walked over to the wasp, who jerked and shifted his eyes
quickly upward to meet his gaze. "Yes?"

"Staring?" Vaas asked in an almost teasing tone.

"...Wasps and bees where I'm from never had anything like that." He answered casually,
gesturing to the soft fur around the larger bee's shoulders. Vaas' eyebrows lifted and
he gazed at his own shoulders, before a smile split his face.

"Would you like to touch it?" He asked suddenly. Thorn was too stunned to say anything,
his mouth falling open in silent objection as the king took his wrists, placing his left
hand onto his shoulder, the other upon his hip.

"I-" Thorn was just in shock, so he simply let his fingers feel the soft, down-like fur
upon the king's body. He didn't move his hands save for a slight movement up-and down within
the softness.

He only paused when he felt Vaas' hands upon his chest. He said nothing and ignored it,
hoping this wasn't going where he thought it was. However Vaas' hand slowly wandered over
his chest, scraping over the smooth exoskeleton.

Thorn went to pull away, only to have the older male wrap an arm around his waist and pull
him close, his expression completely casual. "I allowed you to touch me. It is only polite
to allow me the same courtesy." He said smoothly.

The wasp was at a loss, just staring at the king and waiting for those claws to become violent.
However, they never did. Vaas moved the tips of his claws smoothly and gently over the warrior's
armor-like skin, ignoring the light hisses and whispers of protest.

Having made his point, Vaas leaned closer to press his mouth very lightly against Thorn's taunt

"Wh-wh-?!" Thorn recoiled instincively, only to have the King smoothly pull him back into place
with a large palm on his back.

"I will not harm you, there is no need for alarm." The beewolf muttered, easily moving Thorn
back into place and resuming his impromptu exploration of his young guard's neckline.

Feeling himself trembling, the younger male placed his hand once more onto Vaa's shoulder,
watching him. He refused to relax, completely convinced that this was going to end with him
in agony. Like always.

Vaas could easily tell the younger male was tense and worried, so he decided then and there
that he was going to show him different. Carefully, he nudged Thorn backwards until the backs
of his legs hit the large bed that sat nestled comfortably in the back of the king's personal

The wasp knew what was expected of him so he carefully sat, sharply looking away. He made a
face when he felt a soft touch on his chin, forcing him to look back. The kind face that met
him almost startled him, and his expression turned from irritated to something close to shock.

"I said, I will not harm you." Vaas clarified. "Now, stop acting like I could turn on you any
moment. Whoever you were with previously is /not/ me, and I will treat you differently."
He pushed Thorn backwards onto the soft bed, sitting easily between his thighs.

Thorn stared at him, absorbing what was said but saying nothing. He leaned back and shifted
so that he was fully on the bed, growling when the sheets caught on some of his spikes.
Vaas smoothly removed them from the hardened exoskelleton of the other male, following him
fully onto the bed.

The king wasn't expecting the sharp gasp Thorn gave when he was kissed. Apperently not used
to reciving such contact, Vaas had to carefully cup the wasp's chin to keep him from yanking
away. He kissed him firmly but not roughly, gingerly pressing his lips to Thorn's.

Going rigid, Thorn clasped both hands on Vaas' upper arms, his jaw locked. Even as he kissed
back stiffly, he kept his mouth tightly shut, making him seem mechanical. He didn't let up
even when the older male's tongue slipped out to tempt him.

The king let him, easily moving with the young male to try and woo him into enjoying his touch.
Thorn made a thick, growling groan when Vaas trailed a hand smoothly down his chest and over
his hips and groin. Finally the younger male gave in and leaned up to kiss the king a little
harder, opening his mouth.

Not fully convinced, Thorn still kept his movements rigid and jerky, as if prepared for this
to turn into a fight at any moment. His eyes widened and then softened when Vaas broke the kiss
to whisper to him.

"Sshhh. Relax. I only wish to cause you pleasure, Thorn."

The smoothness of the voice uttering his name seemed to calm every nerve in Thorn at that very
moment. He made a low purr-growl and kissed Vaas' cheek, subtly lifting his hips upward into
the soft touch.

Vaas smiled warmly to his partner, watching as he hissed and arched, his reactions a mixture
of pleasure and tensely waiting for pain. Of course the king Planned on proving him wrong as
soon as possible. Slowly, he dragged his claws up Thorn's thighs and over his flank,
watching him closely.

Hissing quietly, Thorn lifted his hands to attempt and reply to the touch, his eyes halved as he
nuzzled Vaas' cheek lightly. He hesitated, but when no harsh orders came, he continued to move
his hands up to the male's flanks, scraping down until he found the softness at his hips.

With a quiet purr, Vaas kissed the young male a second time, glad to feel a light, cool pressing
back from Thorn. He pulled back after a brief kiss, nibbling down his jaw and across his throat,
his teeth barely scraping.

Thorn tensed, eyes widening, when he felt the older male move to his jugular. Concerned for
obvious reasons, his hands stopped and clenched into the softness of the other's thighs.
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PostSubject: Re: My Beauty... My Queen...   My Beauty... My Queen... EmptySun Jun 26, 2011 11:05 am

This is amazing. I love this. Great work Queen Peanut Smile I especially love the cat thingy in the picture. XD
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My Beauty... My Queen...
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