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Name: Ion
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Race: Dromos (Israeli Gold Scorpion)
Home: Abandos
Occupation: Scout from Oth
Appearance: Slender, small Scorpion (tomboyish) with six antennas on the head, which are mobile. On her back she has stable chitin plates, while the front is nearly unprotected. Not physical strong (for a Dromos), she make it up with speed, fast reflexes and technique. The sting on her tail is toxic enough to paralyzed(no deadly poison) one or two enemies (or victims) at once, then the venom must be regenerate.
The only clothes she sometimes wear are a Tornister (kind of satchel) and a belt for two short swords.
flopsbe's world Ion21(I'm sucks so much in colouring)

Personality: At first glance Ion is a aloof Dromos which often use bad language, because she was trained hard sight her childhood, the girl is really self-reliant about her abilities. She is easily to goad and her tail twitch when she is nervous or angry. Everything she really needed is a quiet corner to read her books and nobody there to cut her personal autonomy.

She is bred to following orders and try to do so, but if it conflict with her own sense of honor she question it or simple refuse to follow, even when there will be a punishment. Ion want to believe in her superior and her fellers and she always try to payback, in good as in bad way. Although rarely seen someone as such, for a friend she would do everything.

Likes: gain knowledge, books, revenge, overlook the situation, visiting new places, listen to music or stories, reading at lamplight
Dislikes: Bugs that act before thinking, don‘t keeping promises, owe someone something, cold weather, being weak

Extra: (Her abilities), is a good cook, trained in fighting with short blades, can see in darkness (like most Scorpions) on the other side often tired during the day, can scanty interpret old languages

Quotes that may be of Ion…

„…every Bug has a smart side too bad it is rarely the dominant…“
„…I long for a little light in all this darkness…“
„…enemies are one thing, traitors are another…“
„…your dead is called Ion…“
„…I like the rain, it falls on everyone, even on me…“

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flopsbe's world
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