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 Pygmy Dromos - Ashen Colony

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Ashen Colony
(Egyptian / Greek based Pygmy Dromos)

- All dromos must have training in one or more musical instruments, typically education starting at age 5 - 14
- Some form of clothing or accessories present on the body (can be bracers, all the way to full garb)
- Black and silver are considered colors for royalty and gods, so only upper-level pygmies may wear the colors, while middle and lower class wear gold, red, purple, and other colors.
- All dromos wear a necklace depicting one of the four gods;
- Thanatos, male god of Death and Life (Boar / feral dromos based)
- Renenutet, female god of Harvest and Drought (Serpent / basilisk pillar based)
- Khonsu, male god of Night and Day ( Bird / Lepidoran based)
- Sekhmet, female god of Magic and War (Baboon Dog based)

- Slaves
- Most dromos in lower class have no slaves.
- Most dromos in middle class have 1 - 3 slaves.
- Most dromos in upper class have 2 - 5 slaves.
- Most dromos in royalty have 10 + slaves.
- Slaves are typically other species of pygmies, or mites, but almost every house has one 'big-lander' slave of some sort to do heavy lifting or chores for the pygmies. Pygmy Arachin and Pillars are common in households, alongside various winged races, as the dromos hold a sort of fascination of them.
- Slaves wear the same necklace as their master, and wear the house colors alongside similar clothes fashion as the master.

- Pygmy dromos are considered the most deadly of the dromos race, due to their toxicity of poison. Since they are so small and without much physical strength, they rely on poison to protect themselves, and the strength of the poison more than makes up for their lean build.

- Pygmy dromos originate on Fellgrad, in the Desert of Chasms, and are very common during the Dust era, but are few and far between, living mainly under ground in current day meddus, while they are almost non-existant in future eras. The reason for their steady decline is their inability to live by themselves; the species eventually succumbs to disease brought by their slaves of various races.

Please consult with Kittariku on creation of your own Pygmy Dromos, for approval. Pygmy Dromos will be up for adoption at random intervals, or may be created for you, via a request.


Colors in the Ashen Colony may vary greatly; though Royalty and upperclassmen typically have brighter, bolder colors on their bodies. However, since they do live in the desert, the majority lean towards sandy or dull colors. However, there have been red, gold, purple, or even a blue scorpion coloration, though these are not normal.

The higher ranked the dromos, the deeper down their home is in the ground; the reason for this is protection. Dust-day dromos had little established, and were raided on a regular basis and continue to be to modern day meddus. The deeper in the ground you were, the less likely you are to be attacked by ferals or old bloods.

Ranks ( in order of importance)

Royal Family:
The royal family stands above all; There is the Pharoah, his queen, and his children. The heir to the throne is purely through blood inheritance on the male's side. Daughters are reserved as priestesses and protectors of the throne, should all the males perish. The Royal family is loyal to Thanatos.

Priests and Acolytes:
Under the royal family are the sect of priests for the four gods of importance; Thanatos the First, Renenutet the second, Khonsu the third, and Sekhmet the fourth. Priests of Thanatos are generally seclusive amongst their kind, and hardly leave the depths of their underground temple. They are all hooded and show only their lower half of their faces in public; only in their temple will they reveal their full face or body to another. Renenutet priests are the complete opposite; and always seen in public, with mostly normal clothing, though large round beads / orbs are a common design, due to Renenutet's image always bearing two orbs, one in her jaws and the other curled in her tail. The only time she is not shown with these two orbs (one to represent growth, the other drought), is when she is depicted in an amulet. Khonsu priests are somewhere in the middle; higher priests being seclusive, while the acolytes are rather conversational. They wear moderate garb; but all of them wear shawls to represent Khonsu's wings. Every Khonsu priest or acolyte has some winged slave. Sekhmet priests wear little but a loincloth or skirt of some sort, and often have some sort of staff or walking stick. They, like the Khonsu priests, are somewhat seclusive but can be out in public.

High Guard:
The high guard is as stated; the loyal guards to the royal family and the priests as a whole. They also guard the city walls and warn of attacks by other races, giving the colony enough time to get underground. Guards are loyal only to Sekhmet; the baboon goddess of war and magic.

Tradesman or landowner: As the title states; this is the middle class, alongside the laborer. Some landowners are upper class, but not many due to the fact upperclassmen live in the ground alongside the royals. Landowners typically live on the cliffsides of the naturally formed bowl the Desert of chasms created; where the first laborers and royals toiled to form the City of Ash. Khonsu is the typical god for tradesmen or landowners.

Laborer: The typical middle-man (no pun intended), the workers of the city who thrive on physical labor, making bricks, repairing homes, providing firewood or other means of survival that require labor. Renenutet is the typical goddess for a laborer.

Farmer: As stated; this sect of dromos are on the surface always unless they grow fungus or moss. Typical farm animals are plentiful under these careful dromos' care, and thorn-bugs that produce wool are a common beast (picture soon). Renenutet is the typical goddess for a laborer; though Khonsu and Thanatos are common as well.

Servant, Slave, or Serf: There are even ranks among those in service to a master. A servant is paid an amount over time depending on the master, and may earn freedom should the master deem them worthy. A slave is unpaid, but may still be freed or become a paid servant. A serf is a prisoner of war, and is paid nothing, never given the chance to be free. These are not common, due to the Ashen Dromos being a small race. They hardly ever have disputes or wars, purely for survival.

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Pygmy Dromos - Ashen Colony
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