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 teensonicgirl's World :D

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teensonicgirl's World :D Empty
PostSubject: teensonicgirl's World :D   teensonicgirl's World :D EmptyMon Oct 24, 2011 12:50 pm

teensonicgirl's World :D Meddusa__millis_the_honey_hyme_by_teensonicgirl-d4dri10
Name: Millis
Sex: female
Age: 15 years
Race: Hyme
Home: Pentra
Appearance: -follow link- I think she's feral/old blood :/
Personality: Bubbly, naive, is a hard worker. So naive she won't notice any advances.
Likes: HONEY, Nice people, anything that's positive like rainbows and sunshine Very Happy
Dislikes: Milkweed nectar, mean people, rainy days since they effect her flying capabilities.

(This okay Peanutchan?)
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teensonicgirl's World :D
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