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Name: Terraia (Though as of late tends to go by Wasp)
Sex: Female drone
Age: 25
Race: Hyme (Baldfaced Hornet)
Home: (area, continent) Dark Woods, Pentra
Personality: Quiet, aloof, loyal, overprotective.
Likes: Meat, heat, an easily defendable position, and possibly a good shiny thing, but you didn’t hear that from her.
Dislikes: Excessive water, cold days, venues requiring clothing, and people who are too stupid to leave well enough alone.

Extra! Everyone knows hornets are social creatures. Even those of smaller hives, with more independent drones, would not stray terribly far from their nest. That is, unless the nest is no more.

The nest perished, she didn’t. Beyond that, she will not say. And it is unimportant. No one can change the past, and thus, she is uninterested in dwelling on it.
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